• Site Specific Design Solutions

  • Accurate Project Budgeting & Cost Estimating

  • Knowledge of Site Construction & Plant Materials

  • Balance between Softscape & Hardscape

  • Sensitivity to Natural Resource Systems

Project Types

The following are the primary Project Types that The GSB Design Group has worked on over the years for which GSB has developed deep and extensive experience while providing comprehensive Landscape Architectural Services for dozens of Clients. (see Services and Featured Projects pages)  

Housing/Residential Developments

Single/Multi Family homes, Townhouses, Condominiums, and Duplex Units. Includes working with a Team composed of the Owner, City/Municipality, Civil Engineer, Architect, and Contractors/Material Suppliers.

Accessible Recreation/Parks & Open Space

Parks, Open Spaces, Hiking/Biking/Equestrian Trails, Park Shelters, Playgrounds, In-Line Hockey/Basketball/Volleyball courts, Baseball/Softball fields, Swimming Pools/Water Parks, Site Signage/Graphics, and Site Furnishings.

Commercial Office Buildings/Retail Shopping Centers

Design/Layout/Interior & Exterior Landscape Planting, Grading, Irrigation Plans & Specifications for the interior spaces, courtyards, and exterior spaces for Commercial Office Buildings/Retail Shopping Centers.


Design/Layout/Landscape Planting, Grading, Irrigation Plans & Specifications for the medians & road right-of-ways for streets, roads, and highways.

School/Corporate Campus Planning

Master Planning/Site Planning/Cost Budgeting for School/Corporate Campus Planning.

High End Residential Landscape Design

Site Consultation, Conceptual/Final Landscape Master Planning, Cost Estimating, Construction Phasing, Presentation to Architectural Design/Review Committees & HOA's, Bidding/Contractor Selection, Plant Material Tagging, & Construction Administration & Observation during construction.

Interior Landscape Design

Design/Layout/Interior & Exterior Landscape Planting, Plant MaterialTagging & Acquisition, Grading, Irrigation Plans & Specifications for the interior spaces, planters, courtyards for Commercial Office Buildings/Retail Shopping Centers.

Project Identity/Signage & Site Graphics

Planning & Design of Project Identity for the Entry Image, Vehicular & Pedestrian Signage, and Site Graphics.

Expert Witness

GSB has been selected by attorneys and Recreation/Metropolitan Districts to serve as an Expert Witness and provide Expert Testimony and Report writing for Accessible Recreation/Parks & Open Space Planning, Cost Estimating, and Land Area Usage of Recreational Facilities.

University Instruction

GSB taught at the University of Colorado at Denver in the Masters Landscape Architectural program.