• Site Specific Design Solutions

  • Accurate Project Budgeting & Cost Estimating

  • Knowledge of Site Construction & Plant Materials

  • Balance between Softscape & Hardscape

  • Sensitivity to Natural Resource Systems

  • Personal Client Relationships

  • Successful On-Budget Projects

  • Sustainable Design for Human Spaces

  • Construction Administration & Observation

  • Landscape Architecture/Site Planning & Urban Design

  • 40 years Professional Experience

  • Registered-Licensed Landscape Architect

  • Michelle Peterson, CID, CLIA

    We have worked with Gary on numerous occasions over the past several years and one thing that immediately stands out for me is his passion for his work and his projects; even projects that may not have been his landscape designs. His attentiveness to details and his dedication to the job and client are outstanding. I highly recommend Gary for any landscape design or on-site field coordination project.
  • Jim Pitts

    Gary and I have been acquainted since attending Penn State in the mid 70's. He has always been highly motivated, very detailed and professional. I would recommend Gary for any team that would strive to be the best.
  • Jackie Francis

    Gary is a great guy, with a strong work ethic. We strongly recommend his services.
  • Chris Grady

    Gary is a conscientious, service oriented project manager whom I have worked with in the past and I would recommend him for future work. He brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to the table.
  • Rob Snelling

    Gary has the rare personality combination of the tenacity and focus of a very experienced Landscape Architect, as well as possessing a personable, direct and communicative persona. He is an exceptional Leader as well as a top-level Business Executive, with an extensive network of folks who truly respect and like him. His ability to lead and make a plan are truly admirable, yet he is very respectful and listens to others viewpoints. A high-achiever, Gary is very humane and an excellent role model and mentor. I would recommend Gary to any client, company and friend as an honest, ethical, tremendously successful bloke who has earned it by doing things right. He has a thorough understanding of all of the complexities and challenges that present themselves in the development, real estate and A&E spectrums
  • Jim Hines

    Gary Barnhart is a highly gifted Landscape Architect who works hard at providing the most cost effective, comprehensive, and creative design and consulting services available. He consistently provides detailed, focused, and complete deliverables as he strives to serve the interests of his clients.
  • Richard L. Shearer, Attorney

    As an Expert Witness, Gary's depth of knowledge of the land area requirements and associated construction costs for park and open space elements enabled us to win a lawsuit for our client Ken Caryl Ranch Metro District. His professionalism and integrity also contributed to our success. We would use him again and I would highly recommend him for Expert Witness Testimony for Landscape Architectural Design/Construction legal cases.
  • J. Alan Call, Attorney

    As an Expert Witness, Gary's comprehensive knowledge of Landscape Architecture & Recreation/Open space Site Planning was of great assistance to our team of Engineers, Land/Real Estate Analytics, and Construction professionals. The client, Ken Caryl Ranch Metro District, was also very happy with his Expert Witness Testimony that strongly contributed to their success in the legal case. Gary was an asset to our team and his timely performance under strict deadlines provided us with a report and cost estimates that strengthened our case. I would use him again for Expert Witness Testimony.
  • Scott Knight

    Gary Barnhart and GSB Design Group worked with me on the Windom Hill housing/residential project in Eire, Colorado.  I was the General Contractor's Project Manager and Gary was overseeing the design and construction for the landscape, including the streetscape and medians along CR 7 through the development.  Gary and his contractors performed quality work and demonstrated a willingness to give that extra effort to deliver a final product that was within budget, finished on schedule and truly enhanced the overall Windom Hill neighborhood.  Gary's integrity, strong work ethic and ability to act as a team player are unmatched in the industry. Scott Knight President/Development Manager KMS Inc.
  • Lisa A. Jacoby

    I write this letter of personal recommendation for Gary S. Barnhart.  I have had the great pleasure of being a client of Gary’s for many years and worked very closely with him on the Vista Ridge and Vista Pointe landscaping projects in Erie, Colorado. Besides being a joy to work with, Gary is a take-charge person who is able to research and implement the most cost effective and creative streetscape/landscape solutions while educating and communicating the benefits of those.  His knowledge of the industry has been invaluable, resulting in consistent cost savings which has been a direct result of his diligent and timely work. I highly recommend Gary, if alone based on his integrity and work ethic.  It has been my experience that he will exceed your needs. Lisa A. Jacoby, District Manager Special District Management Services, Inc.
  • Dave Rhodes

    Gary and I have worked together on several projects over the past 5+ years. He was responsible for planting material approvals, observation, plan and specification adherence for streetscapes and a 7 acre park including playground equipment, a small water park and gazebo in Erie Commons, in Erie Colorado. The complexity of design and the requirements of Erie made this a very challenging project. Gary kept notes that became invaluable after several supervisory changes by the subcontractor; which made my job much easier. He also assisted with signage and streetscapes at our Wyndham project in Frederick, CO; there assisting in design adherence on monument signage. I found Gary always to be professional yet willing to show flexibility and able to think on his feet. I can wholeheartedly recommend Gary Barnhart as a Landscape Architect and a professional. Dave Rhodes DR Consulting LLC, and formerly Vice President and Director of Construction, Community Development Group
  • Rick Kellogg

    It is with enthusiasm that we recommend GSB Design Group and Gary Barnhart for residential landscape plans and management.  Gary’s detailed planning and superior attention to detail, coupled with his decades of experience have resulted in two outstanding designs for our homes.  In each case, Gary researched the local regulations and assured compliance.  His knowledge of Colorado greenery and flowers is superb.  He delivers his plans on schedule and works with the landscape providers to produce an excellent result, on-time and within budget.